Fantastic Fest recap, part 1

So I went to Fantastic Fest for the first time this year. Yes, first; it’s ridiculous that it’s taken me this long to get to a genre film festival that is practically happening in my backyard, but shit happens, I guess. On the bright side, it appears that I got to it after ticketing and line clusterfuckery from previous years has been straightened out, because the ticketing and “boarding” system is one of the most stress-free systems I’ve encountered in over a decade of going to conventions, conferences, and festivals.

Anyway, we had a very good time and saw some excellent movies, and ate far more Alamo Drafthouse food than is probably good for anyone. I’ve reviewed April and the Extraordinary World and The Witch for, and my review of High-Rise should be up soon. Meanwhile I’ll finally put this space to use with some capsule reviews of the other films I saw. If anyone wants to hire me to write proper reviews for any of these…let’s talk.

The rest of the recap: